Photo editing

Hey everyone,

So it’s been a little while since I’ve properly posted on the blog. You might have noticed that I’ve been sharing my daily Instagram posts over here, to try and motivate myself to come back to regular writing. Trust me, I’ve a bunch of half-written posts sitting in my drafts.

Anyway, photo editing. Isn’t it just fun! For years I’ve wanted to play around with Photoshop, but every time I added a photo with the intention of editing it, I never knew how I wanted it to look, and that put me off trying it. Then, recently, Google has provided a massive update to their Photos app, which has a bunch of preset filters, and then the ability to further edit a picture. Now, some of these have been there for a long time, but the presets seem to be (fairly) new.

Then I remembered Snapseed. My understanding is that it is a Google app, and essentially Google’s version of Photoshop. So I downloaded it, and started just making adjustments to a photo. This one in fact. And then, for some reason, this time, I’m hooked.

Now, the combination of both regular sharing to my blog from Instagram, and this editing phase, have got me to today’s post. I’m hoping this could open up something new for me, which is why in today’s Instagram post I’m asking whether you’ve randomly started something, and found, that that is the thing you’ve been searching for? Because I think, I know it’s early days, but this could be something I begin to really get involved in. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Peter McKinnon, but photography has really begun to become something I enjoy. I even went out on my own the other weekend just to get some photos, which is something I have never done before. 7 years of living where I am now, and I’ve never just gone for a walk on my own to get pictures.

This could be the start of something new. Have you ever started something randomly & then found that it’s something you enjoy more than you thought you would?

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