That Fresh Prince reboot…

I’ve been re-watching Fresh Prince over the last few weeks when I get the chance to have some TV time to myself, and no Youtube videos to watch. And I’d forgotten just how amazing it is. Both from the comedy side, and the emotional side of things.

We know from the beginning that Will has had a tough life so far in Philadelphia. Which is why he’s sent off to live with his aunt’s family in Bel-Air. You know he doesn’t completely fit in with the area and type of people he’s now living with, but after a few episodes, there’s one defining moment which changes everything. That first real hug with Uncle Phil. When he pours his heart out about how his own father left and has therefore had no male parent to help him through those early stages of life.

Now, you may have seen recently that they’re looking at a drama-style reboot. And having watched the trailer for it, dam! It looks good. And to make it better, they’ve got the original creators, Andy & Susan Borowitz, and producer Quincy Jones along with Will Smith on board to help this reboot. In my eyes, that is where every other reboot goes wrong.

What do you think to the idea of rebooting Fresh Prince into more of a gritty drama, but created by the same original team? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. Apologies if you get this comment twice Dave. My broadband crashed at just the wrong moment! Anyway, why not give Fresh Prince a reboot and make it more gritty? Dr Who and Star Trek discovery have done similar.


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