Life as an introvert means post Covid, I need some changes…

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Yes, I have a steady 9-5 job, which I don’t mind. However, do I want to return to the office environment that I was working in? Not exactly. I’m an introvert. Massively. I enjoy my own company and am naturally very quiet. It’s been commented on throughout my life.

As such, since the lockdown began, I initially worked from home before being furloughed. And it’s now that I realise that I don’t want to return to the office. At least not full time. Before my current job, I was a stay at home parent. And I really enjoyed it. Being able to get shit done around the house on my own terms, made me feel happy. I had built routine into my life. I continued with routine once returning to work, but only recently realised that I need structure in my home life as well.

I’m managing to stay on top of things, logging on at 9am and logging off promptly at 5pm, with some aimless wandering around the house throughout the day as my daily exercise. Trying to keep engaged with a 5 year old however, is proving pretty much impossible as well as working. Unfortunately, he has been left on his own more than I might like to admit. He sits with me building Lego and asks for my help, which I’m more than happy to do while waiting for something to load on the laptop, but then he asks me to play with him, and I find myself constantly saying I can’t. Yes, I could log on in the evening and work, or earlier in the morning, but I feel like then I’d be losing out on me time, which is important to me, and probably many other introverts.

This is the one thing that I’m still trying to get my head around, however, with a return to school for him on the cards in the next few weeks, I feel that I’ll be able to get more work done during the time he’s in school as I won’t feel so bad, because he won’t be sat in the living room watching Blippi for what feels like hours on end. That, I hope, means I’ll be able to concentrate on work and adjust my timing a bit from there.

There is one thing I miss though, now I’m not in the office. Walking. I used to use the bus to get to and from work. A mile to the bus stop and a mile back. Then a small walk from bus stop to office and back again. Add in a 30 minute walk on my lunch break and I was getting a comfortable 150+ minutes of walking a week. Not including forest walks which vary between 2 and 5 miles on a weekend. I wouldn’t say I’ve become unfit, or put on much weight (I’ve always struggled with putting weight on), but I miss getting out of an office environment, listening to podcasts (I find this difficult at the moment as I’m not comfortable having ear buds in while my son’s at home) and being able to zone out for a bit. Again, probably something that will change with the return to work. Maybe I’ll come back to this post, and write an update in a month or two?

Are you an introvert like me? Have you missed your time away from the office? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I am an introvert and have been loving the time at home working (despite the challenges of homeschooling). I’ve been able to find more balance in my life and don’t want to return to the office full time when the time comes.

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    1. I completely agree. The struggles of homeschooling have been tough, but generally, working from home is lovely. No pressure if you walk away from your desk for an hour or more at any time of day. Start earlier if you want. There’s just so much more freedom 👍


  2. Completely agree with this – I was never really too fussed on the day-to-day office stuff but I liked my travel to and from work because it was mine. Even my lunch hour break got cut short to about 20 minutes because I had nowhere to go and nowhere to go with so I didn’t use to bother that much. I am sort of looking forward to going back (won’t be until next year now) but my introvert has definitely come out!

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  3. I am an introvert as well. I have also been working from home since mid March and for me it’s 50/50 about returning to the office. I do miss seeing my team in person, but definitely do not miss my 1-1.5 hour long commute to and from work every day.


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