Youtube…Do I use it differently to everyone else?

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I sometimes have conversations with people where we eventually start talking about how we watch TV. Inevitably, that results in me stating that I don’t pay my TV licence here in the UK and therefore do not watch live TV, or the iPlayer. At which point, most people seem a little shocked.

I’ll tell you why I don’t though. Because it’s mostly crap, in my opinion. I can’t stand reality tv and would prefer the programs I’m watching to have something that I enjoy. Which is why, whenever I’m staring at a screen, I’m either working, on Twitter, or watching Youtube.

Now, Youtube is my go to. I would happily drop Netflix and just engage with Youtube, and mostly do. BUT, I don’t use the recommended screen all that often. No, I watch videos from the channels I subscribe to. It’s like a custom TV channel. The channels I watch release regular content, at least once a week, and because I don’t particularly enjoy watching TV for too long, a quick 20-30 minute video will do quite nicely. At the moment, I’ve got 5 videos in my Watch Later list, from Mr JWW, Formula 1 (that’s also where I watch the highlights of races), Formula E and The Minimalists. Whenever one of the channels I subscribe to drops a new video, it goes straight in to this list, and I tend to watch this in order of oldest first.

On the odd occasion that I run out of videos, I’ll sometimes have a quick scroll through the recommended videos, but because I often click on the thumbs up for most videos I watch, I find, 90% of the time, a video that catches my eye. My most recent channels to subscribe to being Ronald Banks and Simple Happy Zen. It’s quite a mix of channels, to match my eclectic taste in music. More on that another time maybe.

So tell me, how do you use Youtube? Will you just go with the recommended and sit there relying on the automated watch next (which I’ve also turned off), or are you more like me and a bit more specific about what you watch? Let me know if the comments below.

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