I’m starting to wind down…

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

Only because I’m “out of the office” for the next weeks from next week. This was my son’s first year of school. As such, we weren’t sure how the summer holidays would work and I’d fully intended to take the last two weeks of August off work to organise and start getting back in to some sort of school routine.

With Covid hitting, and things still being unsettled, I’ve kept the time off work, but I’m now not sure what to do with it. Obviously the government are expecting schools to be reopening at the start of September, and part of me wants that to happen. To get back to some sort of education for him. We started off pretty well, but quickly established that home learning wasn’t going to work for us. I wouldn’t say we’ve given up, but there’s not much established learning going on, and every time I suggest doing some writing or maths, I get a very strong, reluctant child to contend with, while still trying to work.

In terms of me working, and winding down ready for the next fortnight? This is our typical quieter period of the year. From September/October time, things start getting busier and by Christmas, we’re inundated with a crazy workload so I’m looking forward to having some major downtime before the madness begins.

Have you get any time off coming up? Are you ready for the return to school? Let me know in the comments below.

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