The joy and regrets of not having to commute to the office.

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It’s one of my favourite things about this lockdown if I’m honest. Yes, being cooped up all day in the same building occasionally sucks, but at the same time, not sitting on a bus, with other hot, sweaty people around is really nice. Or, if you drive, not sitting in your car, going nowhere fast, must be just as nice. Yes, you might have been in an air-conditioned environment, but, traffic sucks, however you discuss it. And let’s not get in to the environmental impact that less traffic was having.

However, the biggest downside to not commuting, is that it used to be time to myself. I’d listen to podcasts, ted talks, music, even watch Youtube videos from my favourite Youtubers, but now, I’m struggling to find time to do these things. And I’m really beginning to miss podcasts the most. There’s something about sitting and watching TV (read: Youtube) that seems normal, whereas, personally, sitting on the sofa, listening to a podcasts with no visual stimulation I struggle with. It also feels somewhat unusual to do.

I’ve already mentioned to my boss that I have no intention of returning to the office on a permanent basis anytime soon. They are reviewing the situation this month, however, when I mentioned my intentions, it came across as due to the fact I’ve had no technical issues, they would be happy for me to continue working from home. I’m also quietly hoping this might be the case more longer term. I don’t mind popping in maybe once or twice a week, but I’ve really enjoyed not having that daily challenge of getting to and from work.

How have you found working from home? Are you looking forward to returning to the office? Let me know in the comments below.

I’ve spent so many years commuting, I kind of prefer a home office.

Hilary Clinton

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