So it begins – 31 days of writing. This might be a challenge

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As I start this challenge, it’s Saturday morning and I’m already a bit stuck for what to write. I’ve planned in my head how I want this to work, so here’s a quick breakdown.

Open the editor first thing in the morning, after checking emails, saving articles to Pocket and so on. Then leave it open all day, running in the background, ready for any ideas to drop in as and when. With the aim to publish around 5pm every day. I’ll also be using Google Keep to take notes throughout the day when I’m not near the laptop.

If I have any ideas that I gradually expand on throughout the day, these may become additional posts, or maybe posts for future. The main goal of this challenge is to get me into the habit of writing regularly, and I may even find an ongoing theme to write about moving forward.

Every once in a while you need to challenge yourself and learn new things.

Amit Ray

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