Anker Powerport III Nano

Miniature size, Maximum power

I was kindly selected to test the new Anker Powerport III Nano. This super small (it’s just over 1″ by 1″) USB-C charger packs an 18W maximum output for that real fast charge experience.

You won’t find much inside the box once opened. There is no cable included, so you’ll only receive the plug, user guide, and a happy or not card, which is a nice touch. As such, I would like to see a smaller box, as it was easily three times the size of the product.

Anker Powerport III Nano

Coming in at just over 1″ by 1″, it will sit nicely behind a sofa for that “out of sight, out of mind” approach to charging any of your devices. Amazingly, thanks to the Multiprotect safety system, there’s great temperature control as well. Given that it packs quite a power punch, it barely gets warm. It’s also pretty portable, weighing in at around the same as 2 AA batteries, although, it could be slightly awkward to put away as the pins do not foldaway, which would have been great.

Fast charging your way from empty to 100% in around the same time as it takes to watch a few episodes of Stranger Things, this is a perfect way to get your phone ready before bed. Alternatively, plug it in when you get up in the morning, and you could be looking at a decent level of charge while you run through your morning routine without the distraction of your phone slowing you down.

Side by side with the standard Pixel 3 charger

Thanks to the other Anker products available, including USB-C cables and Lightning cables, it also means that this plug provides universal compatibility, whether you’re an Apple or Android fan. Now, I wasn’t able to tell a difference in charging speed compared to the standard Pixel 3 charger as that is an 18W charger so the only difference is the size, as you can see above. As such, I plugged in my wife’s Sony Xperia XZ1 compact and that charged from around 40% to 75% in 30 minutes.

In conclusion, this is a great tiny charger and perfect for a any device, and even more useful if you’ve got multiple devices that need charging throughout a day.

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