Shutdown Sunday

Hello, I’ve finally got around to writing again. My original plan with this blog was to write whenever I wanted, and to be fair, I’ve kind of stuck to it. Having not posted since May.

However, I have a few posts building up in my drafts at the moment that I want to work on, but haven’t felt like I’ve really had the time.

It’s currently our quiet period at work which should give me plenty of time, I spent an entire week recently with no new projects to work on. However there’s been one huge project ongoing that I’m still going strong with so I’ve not been too fussed.

It then dawned on me, this weekend, that a lot of my time had been stolen by my phone. I recently upgraded to the Pixel 3. With that, comes an app called Digital Wellbeing. Now, I thought I was quite well behaved with my phone, and I mostly am. Until yesterday. I couldn’t stop picking up my phone and mindlessly scrolling through both Twitter and Instagram. I ended up with a screen time of 2 hours 33 minutes. Not too bad, however 55 minutes of that was just Twitter. I also opened Twitter 36 times. And in fact, I once opened it 7 times in one hour! The longest I spent on there in one session was 21 minutes. It begs the question of what was I doing the rest of the time?

Sunday. A day of rest. Spending time with family. Not quite, it would seem. My wife does run a business and had been at a craft fair the day before, so I’ll let her off for working, trying to get orders for her customers out in good time. But, all of this time on my phone, meant a knock on effect on my son. I noticed it as the day went on. He wanted me to play with him. Engage with him. I mostly did. But kept getting distracted. He even noticed, like a 4 year old would. I had left my phone in the kitchen, and then snuck out there to check my phone. He came in just as I was putting it down and asked for his tablet. I said no, I’ll come and play. His response? It’s ok daddy, if you’re on your phone I’ll watch my tablet and play a game.

Shit! What had I done. I’d hurt my child’s feelings by not being the parent I want to be. The one that’s there for my child when he wants me. Yes, I know we’re not all perfect and we should be able to have some time to ourselves, but surely not when our kids our wanting engagement at 10am. It’s not been that long a day by that point.

Which is why I’ve decided to start, from this weekend #shutdownsunday

My plan sounds quite extreme to start with, but, I plan to post to both Twitter and Instagram first thing in the morning. And then. All data will go off from my phone. No WiFi. No mobile data. I can still text and call, but no social media, the extreme way.

Do you think I can do it (without going crazy). We’ll see, shall we.

Let me know below if you’ve ever done something similar, or would like to give it a go some time. Maybe you’ve got a similar story to share?

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Shutdown Sunday

  1. I feel this. At 9 yo, my daughter is now the one who doesn’t want to do things with me. When she was little, I prioritized work over play and now I’m definitely paying for it.

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    1. I’m sure that time will still come regardless of how much I play now. Hopefully it’ll teach him though that life doesn’t have to be lived through a screen


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