Fossil Q Explorist – REVIEW

Having a birthday in January sometimes makes presents difficult. The easiest way around this, is sometimes to buy something as both a Christmas and birthday present. And that’s what my wife did for me this year.

Now, this is the Gen 3, however, it’s a great place to start with a smartwatch, especially if you’re in Android land. Yes, it can work with the iPhone, however, running Wear OS means that it works better with Android.

I spent Christmas evening setting up, which, although not difficult, took some time to get it how I want it, and the relevant apps. But I think I’m there now. The biggest thing I’ve found (other than it’s size, it really is huge!) is how natural it feels to use.

There are three buttons on one side of the watch – The middle one takes you in to the list of apps and directly back to the watch face. The other two, top and bottom, are customisable. I’ve set them up at the moment so that the top is a torch, which basically turns the whole screen white at maximum brightness, while the bottom one goes straight in to the Google Play Store which is built for smartwatches.

My wife bought me the Rose Gold version, with a blue strap, and although my first reaction was positive, I never expected to own anything Rose Gold. However, after a few days, I’ve grown to really like it.

Also, despite the amount of negativity around battery life, I’ve not found it bad at all yet. Having said that, I am using it in a mode where you tilt your wrist to switch the display on, as opposed to it being permanently on. I’ll give that a go at some point, and probably watch the battery life drop considerably.

As it’s quite a small screen, swipe gestures are key. Swipe down for settings, up for notifications, right for a short Google Feed and left takes you in to the app menu, which involves more swiping to move up and down. You can also pin an app, and it will leave the last couple of used apps at the top of the list for easy access.

Favourite feature? Tilt gestures – In addition to the above swipe gestures, there are also three tilt gestures built in to Wear OS. Tilt your wrist left for the notifications screen, and if you do this again, it will even scroll one at a time through all of your notifications. Tilt right for the settings screen, and finally, a flick both left and right will take you straight back to your watch face from anywhere in the watch.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think of Wear OS in the comments below.

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