Have you ever sat back and thought about the person who wrote what you’re reading right now?

In case you were wondering, or I’ve just got you thinking, I’m in my mid-30’s, married, with one child and one cat. Yes, the cat is important. I have a standard 9-5 job, I commute(d) to the office by public transport every day. Pretty normal stuff really. And also, simple things to assume.

What you won’t know about me, is that I sometimes feel a bit lost. Lost on my venture through life, without a clue as to what I should be doing. Where I should be heading. Since turning 30, there have been a number of changes in my life, and I’m now beginning to learn that we don’t go through life on just one course. We are always course correcting, constantly. You may not realise it, but even just reading this page, will likely have some impact on you, as a person.

I became a parent in 2015 for the first time. That, in itself, has a huge impact on so many different levels, it’s sometimes hard to comprehend. Over time, I’ll expand on this, however, simply put, I was a stay at home parent for a year, from when my son turned 6 months old. I then returned to work full time, and that, created more difficulties. Time management. Personal growth. Hobbies went out the window. People ask occasionally what I do for myself, and, it wasn’t until about a year ago, that I truly didn’t know.

I recently finished reading David H. Wagner’s book, Backbone, which has ultimately made me start wondering where I’m heading on my journey through life. Along with this, at the time of writing, the UK has been in a lockdown phase for 3 months due to the global pandemic outbreak of Covid-19.

I’ve attempted blogging a number of times over the years, and never really maintained it with a cause. But, I think I may now have a reason to write. I’m not saying I will write every week, maybe every month should be my initial stage.

I’m intending to write about my life, and my interests. There will be some semi-regular content available here. Along with articles that have piqued my interest, videos and programs that I have watched.

You can follow me over on Twitter, where I am often found in social media land, and I have an Instagram account, however, this is not pictures of my life. Mostly pictures of nature.

If this post has given you something to think about, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’ve read Backbone, let me know what you thought. Either below, on social media, or by email. This is a new chapter for me, and I intend on making some changes going forward to give my time to more people.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you see here.

Love people, use things. The opposite never works.

The Minimalists